About Naked Fanatics

Welcome to Naked Fanatics!

This guild was founded, "By Chance", on March 10, 2015. The date is not really that significant, the "By Chance" part is. However, before I get into that and what Naked Fanatics is, I feel it is important to understand what we were.


To set the stage we have to travel back about three years ago. That's when the four founding members of this guild met. We were in a casual "Alliance" guild on Suramar at the time. We were progressing through content together, meeting friends along the way and developing the guild at the same time. I am extremely proud to be apart of the success of that guild. Which, by the way is still thriving on Suramar today.

Now, I know what your thinking. Why up and leave a thriving guild to establish a new one on a different server and faction. Well to tell the truth we had built a monster. I mentioned earlier it was a casual guild and we as a group had evolved to a point of needing a raid team. Now you would think that with 300+ members it wouldn't be to difficult to find 10 people who would like to progress through current and future raids. However, for reasons beyond my comprehension this turned out to be an exhausting task which we never accomplished.

Only after over a year of trying to establish a raid team with no success did the four of us decide to venture off to find new groups to join. We pooled our gold together and purchased passage on the first boat outbound from Stormwind harbor. The only ship we could find with room was a mercenary ship and the captain couldn't or wouldn't give us his final destination. All he told us is that it was away from here. Cautiously and without any options we jumped onboard.

After about a month at sea and no land insight we chanced across a pirate ship which seemed to be in distress. It turned out it's crew was made up of entirely Knoll. As we pulled up along side to offer assistance I heard one of them scream "For Hogger!!!"  they all jumped to there cannons and began to open fire. In the Chaos of cannon fire and smoke both ships were destroyed and all I could find to grab onto was a piece of floating wood. I quickly shed my armor so i wouldn't sink and began to search for my comrads. Before to long we were together again, yet in this terrible predicument of what to do next.

We floated for what seemed like days when we spotted land in the far distance. Gathering up what little strength we had left we made for the unknown shore. With no armor and only our weapons on our backs we beat off the natives and established a foothold right there on the beach. We turned to each other, started laughing and broke into a dance in honor of our new chance on life. Yet the question still remained, where were we.

After we had gathered ourselves we ventured out and stumbled accross a small outpost of Blood Elves. We overheard one of them mention Aerie Peak and something about traveling to Silvermoon City. It was right then the realization kicked in that we were no longer in Suramar and infact we were in Horde country.

It mattered not though. We were alive and so we made a pact right there that we would make this our home. Also, in celebration of our new chance on life we vowed to allways dance naked after each major battle. Thus the name stuck "Naked Fanatics"

That brings us to today. It also raises a question, why tell you this long crazy story. Well, to be honest my friends, You will never truely know where your going unless you have a firm grip on where you have been. Our past is our foundation and this guilds foundation is built on tradition, friendship, adventure and a strong desire to be better.

We are constantly seeking like minded individuals to join us on this adventure. I strongly encourage you to apply and join us into the unknown.


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